Auckland Airport bond issue closes fully subscribed

05 November 2008

Auckland Airport today announced that its full offer of $130 million of retail bonds is now completely subscribed.

This subscription includes the exchange offer reserve of $50 million, which closed yesterday, set aside for holders of existing Auckland Airport unsubordinated, unsecured, fixed rate bonds.

It also includes the subsequent take-up from the general public of the remaining bonds from the balance of the exchange offer reserve.

Chief financial officer for Auckland Airport, Jason Dale, said, "We are extremely pleased at the overall success of the bond issue at a time of great financial uncertainty. We see the strength of the demand for the offer as a strong signal that investors view Auckland Airport as a relatively safe port in an economic storm."

The bonds offered investors an opportunity to invest in an iconic kiwi long-term infrastructure business.

They are direct, unsecured, unsubordinated debt obligations of Auckland Airport. The bonds will have a maturity date of 15 November 2016.