Airbus A380 coming to Auckland Airport!

01 October 2008

The largest commercial aircraft in the world is scheduled to take off at 10.00am on Friday 10 October for a special promotional flight, returning at 11.15am and then departing again at 3pm for Sydney.

If you are keen to catch a glimpse of the aircraft we suggest you make your way to one of Auckland's high vantage points, such as One Tree Hill, Bastion Point, North Head, Mt Eden or the Sky Tower where you may be able to see the aircraft in full flight. The aircraft will be flying over the city after its 10.00am takeoff and, provided the weather is clear, you should get a great view from these spots.

If you are keen to brave the traffic and make your way out to the airport, leave plenty of time so you don't miss out. The aircraft will be parked at the new pier at the international terminal which is not visible from any of the public viewing decks; however you will be able to see the aircraft take off at 10.00am.

Parking is restricted at the airport so we encourage you to take the bus or carpool with friends. If you live in Manukau or Papatoetoe take advantage of free travel on the 380 bus on the day! To celebrate the Airbus arrival, the 380 "land bus" service between Manukau and the airport will be free from 8am until 1pm. See to plan your journey.

For those travellers who are coming to the airport to catch a flight, please allow extra time to get to the airport as we are expecting traffic delays.

Unfortunately we won't know the aircraft's flight path until the day before the flight, so check our website for more details closer to the time.

A380 versus A320 comparison chart

A380 compared with the A320 - the current Airbus that flies to and from New Zealand:



Maximum takeoff weight:

560 tonnes

73.5 tonnes





4 Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines or GP 7000

2 CFM56-5 engines or V2500

Cabin length:



Wing span:










15,000 km

4,800 km

Maximum fuel capacity:

310,000 litres

23,860 litres