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The media is often interested in news coverage at Auckland Airport. As the main gateway to New Zealand, we welcome and farewell over 20.5 million passengers each year. To ensure every one of our visitors finds their experience of the Airport a positive one, we have media guidelines and security processes in place around these.

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As New Zealand's largest and busiest airport we have over 20.5 million passengers using our services and facilities each year, which accounts for around 75% of international arrivals into our country.

The airport is owned and operated by Auckland International Airport Limited, which is one of the largest companies listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

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Because of the massive scale of operations and the nature of our business, we have in place guidelines around media engagement and coverage at the airport.

Important terms

The airport is divided into two areas; the public or 'before security', and ‘after security'.

  • Before security areas are easily accessible by the general public - areas that do not require security screening of any kind.
  • After security is the area in the airport that includes parts of the terminals and the entire airfield. It is usually only accessible by staff and passengers, and access to this area is severely restricted. Crews are to be escorted at all times and the Aviation Security Service will be involved.

When requesting 'after security' access, at least 48 hours notice is preferred. Note that due to security requirements, access is usually denied.

Non-news media, or people wanting to do commercial filming or photography should refer to filming at Auckland Airport.

Live truck positions

There are a number of places where live units can be parked at the airport:

  • At the domestic terminal space is available at the western end.
  • The international terminal has two points where live feeds are possible. The eastern end by the check-in area allows feeds to Waiatarua. The most commonly used live truck location is the western end of the terminal on the outer forecourt.

Use our helpful airport maps to guide you to these places.


Any media enquiries about Auckland Airport should be directed to the 24/7 media phone +64 27 406 3024

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