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Auckland Airport welcomes production companies and content creators to request use of the airport as a location for filming and photography. However, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for all our customers, we ask that all interested parties submit their requests for approval at least 10 working days prior to their scheduled activity. Once we receive your request, one of our team will be in touch to talk you through the approval process and collect any further information we may need.

Commercial filming or photography agreement

Any production company wanting to film/photograph for commercial purposes at Auckland Airport must sign an agreement with Auckland Airport. This must carry full public liability insurance of $1 million for shooting before security and $20 million for after security.

Crew information is to be provided at least one week in advance of filming. All crew and cast will need to carry photo ID (driver's licence or passport) when filming.

Details for crew members (particularly for filming airside or after security), include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Contact phone number
  • Driver's licence or passport number

Filming charges

Depending on the scale of your production, you may be charged a management fee and a location fee to film/photograph at the airport.

This charge covers costs such as sole use of a location, safety officers, security escorts, use of vehicles, administration, facilitation and production management.

The fee structure is at the discretion of Auckland Airport, and may be altered on a project basis, depending on complexity or nature of work. After security (airside) filming will be charged at a higher rate than before security (landside) filming.

Additionally, and where relevant, the production company will need to reimburse Auckland Airport for any other costs incurred by the airport as a result of filming or photography taking place.

Crew Information Required for Filming/Photography

All cast and crew working at the Airport must provide full information at least one week in advance of approved filming.

All crew and cast must carry photo ID (driver's licence or passport) when filming on Auckland Airport property and present it if requested by an Auckland Airport official.

News and current affairs

If you are a news media crew wanting to film at Auckland Airport, please contact the Communications Team on +64 (0)27 406 3024.

Applying to film/photograph at the airport

Please complete the online form if you wish to make a request to film at the airport.

Permission must be sought a minimum of 10 working days prior to shoot date for a smaller production of under a day.

Longer or more complex productions will require 3 - 4 weeks’ notice.

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