Can I obtain a temporary airside driving permit?

No- there are no temporary airside driving permits. All applicants must complete the exam and logbook requirements before an airside driving permit will be issued.

Can I drive my vehicle airside if the equipment is required airside for a job I am sub-contracted to do?

Yes- You can be escorted airside by either Aviation Security –with prior direct arrangements, or by your contractor- who must hold a valid airside drivers permit and airside vehicle permit. For both cases, you must acquire a Temporary Airport ID from Aviation Security.

NB- if you have a work vehicle party of 2 or more vehicles and/or a large vehicle you must use either Aviation Security or Airfield Operations Team

My airside driving permit has expired and no one sent me a reminder?

It is the responsibility of all individuals to maintain a current airside driving permit when operating airside.

I have lost my airside driving permit. What do I do?

Email a request for a replacement to [email protected], or ring 255 9071, and arrangements will be made to get you another one.

Do I require a Temporary Airside Vehicle Permit (AVP) for an rental vehicle I am using airside?

No there is no Temporary Airside Vehicle Permit. All motorised vehicles to be used Airside must fill out an AVP Application Form AOT 4 and be supported by Confirmation of Insurance Form AOT 5. If a vehicle is withdrawn, advise Auckland Airport and the Airside Vehicle Permit will be cancelled.

Are our public liability and third party vehicle insurance liabilities covered by our Ground Operator’s Agreement with Auckland Airport?

No the Insurance required for the issue of an Airside Vehicle Permit is separate from the insurance cover required for the Ground Operator’s Agreement.

Our Insurer/Broker is overseas, so we cannot produce Form AOT 5 on the required day?

One must advise AIAL in writing of the expected legitimate delay, so that we can advise AVSEC of a ‘grace period’ accordingly.

Our Insurer/Broker cannot or will not use Form AOT 5.

An AIAL Form AOT 5 MUST be used. Failure to do so may result in permits not been issued.

The AVP keeps falling off, or deteriorates in the inclement weather.

Operators are responsible to ensure that permits are affixed to vehicles and to request a replacement if/when required.

We did not renew our permits because we did not receive a reminder from AIAL.

It is the responsibility of all companies to always have current permits. AIAL at times may send out reminders but companies should not rely on these reminders to ensure their AVP’s are up to date.