Aircraft Noise Community Consultative Group

The Aircraft Noise Community Consultative Group (ANCCG) was set up under the conditions of Auckland Airport’s designation in the Auckland Council Unitary Plan. It is an independently chaired group that makes recommendations to Auckland Airport on aircraft noise issues and concerns that arise from the airport’s operations and activities.


The ANCCG is tasked with:

  • identifying community concerns regarding aircraft noise
  • cooperatively formulating and proposing rules and procedures to minimise aircraft noise impact on the surrounding community
  • assisting and advising Auckland Airport in the dissemination of relevant information to the community
  • assisting Auckland Airport in the preparation of a Noise Management Plan
  • monitoring noise levels and compliance with the noise abatement procedures and Noise Management Plan; and
  • accessing appropriate technical expertise and guidance as required.

The group is made up of representatives from Auckland Council and its Local Boards, the Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ), Airways New Zealand, Auckland Airport, the business community and Tangata Whenua.

Terms of reference

Click here to read the terms of reference of the Group.

Click here to read the procedures for the public component of the ANCCG meetings.

Scheduled meetings

Meeting minutes








Name Company / Board Email

Catherine Harland

Independent Chair

Cr Alf Filipaina

Auckland Council

Bernie Diver

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board

Hugh Pearce


Bob Wichman

Howick Local Board

Charlotte Day

Auckland Airport

Kit Parkinson

Orakei Local Board

David Holm

Puketapapa Local Board

Donna Lee

Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board

Bill McEntee

Papakura Local Board

Graeme Easte

Albert-Eden Local Board

Helen Futter

Community Representative

Justin Tighe-Umbers


Emma Howie

Auckland Airport

Karen Wilson

Mana Whenua

Kevin Kevany

Orakei Local Board

Kowhai Olsen

Mana Whenua

Malcolm Bell

Franklin Local Board

Mark Easson

Community Representative

Paul Healy

Airways NZ             

Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu

Industry Representative

Stella Cattle

Manurewa Local Board

Steve Tollestrup

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Tafafuna’i Tasi Lauese

Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board


Whau Local Board


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Our online flight monitoring system allows you to view the aircraft using Auckland Airport, and make a complaint/enquiry about aircraft noise.

Alternatively, you can contact us with an aircraft complaint/enquiry online, or call on 09 256 8133.

We no longer accept aircraft noise complaints/enquiries by email.

Managing Aircraft Noise in the Community Brochure

Managing Aircraft Noise in the Community Brochure

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View aircraft using Auckland Airport

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