Twelve Days of Christmas terms and conditions

  1. Your charity must be listed on the New Zealand Charities Register.
  2. Your charity must be involved in one or more of the areas Auckland Airport focusses on as a socially responsible business: educating people, helping people into employment, protecting the environment.
  3. You must be able to identify a specific need for the $10,000 grant in at least one of the areas listed above (i.e. you will put the funds towards a specific project, activity or asset).
  4. Your charity may be a national charity (benefititng people across the country) or a local one (benefitting people within a smaller area).
  5. Your charity must not have a purely religious or political purpose.
  6. If your application is successful, you will allow The New Zealand Herald to profile your charity in December and will provide information, photos and the logo of your charity for Auckland Airport to include in our communications (e.g. on our website, in our annual report).
  7. Auckland Airport staff will assess the applications and choose the winners. Our decision will be final. We will not enter into any correspondence or discussion on this matter.
Twelve Days of Christmas grant application

Twelve Days of Christmas grant application

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