Runway 23L Displaced Threshold

Pavement Rehabilitation Works

Start date: 25 May 2020

Duration: 8-10 weeks


For some time, Auckland Airport has been planning to replace a section of concrete pavement on Runway 23L touchdown zone. We have decided to complete this work sooner than originally planned, taking advantage of the reduced traffic volumes and minimising the impact to operators.

Runway 23L threshold will be displaced by 1100m. This allows construction at the eastern end of the runway to proceed while the runway remains operational.

As this differs significantly from the standard operating conditions, it is important that operators and crew familiarise themselves with the changes and operational restrictions.

The following resources provided for operators, highlight operational restrictions and changes specific to this project. Visual impressions and fly throughs assist to give context to the operator brief and what pilots can expect operating at Auckland during the works.

Operator brief

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Fly throughs

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Visual impressions

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Method of work plan

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